Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Days, 188.4 miles and another Monday at Work

I heard from Caits today! She called to announce the finish of her first Century. I am SO PROUD. And, I am not just a little bit jealous. She sounds good. She sounds tired and overwhelmed, but good.

I asked her if she was having fun. There was a long pause, a lot of umms and finally, "I feel really good about what I'm doing." So there you have it. No fun, but not terrible. I think that's progress!

She's got 5 more days and lots more miles and lots more peanut butter and lots more nights in a tent. She claims she's a pro at setting it up by herself. I also heard that she has a fan club of this jersey: The day Caits left for San Francisco, you know, to ride her bike back, her co-workers gave her a "legit Juicy biking jersey with glitter and everything." She wore it Day 1 and apparently it was quite the hit with all the fabulous gay men she is now friends with.

Meanwhile, I'm holding down the fort in Brentwood. No surgery date yet.....yeah, frustrating would be the nicest word I could use. But never fear, Dr. Name on the Door has stepped in and is helping this show to get on the road. I think that the whole team at Vargo PT made me take for granted good service, attention to detail and care for their patients......not everyone/not every office operates the same way. Hopefully, July will be the month for back surgery! (an explanation point doesn't really make it better)

I miss my friends. I miss the pain of lots of miles on the bike. I miss....sigh. Can you miss something you've never done? I'm not sure, but I am sure that I would rather be in a tent right now than in my comfy apartment. I miss Caitlin.

But she's doing so awesome! And she is going to have amazing stories to tell.


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  1. Thanks for the update Autumn, and thank for being such a fabulous friend to her! I'm so sorry your not there with her, it seems so unfair!

    I hope you get surgerized soon and are back in pro form before you know it!