Friday, March 26, 2010


I can't really talk about the relationship I have with my clip ins, so I illustrated it instead. Thank goodness I can express my frustration through art.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I wanted to take a minute here on the blog to thank all of my super awesome and generous donors that have helped me raise over $1,800 so far! You guys are the best and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support! Big shout out to the Koticks, the Gordons, the Kruegers, the Garlingtons, Annette, Dawna, Karen, the God Fam (the Nimmons), Joe and Liz and my Aunt Barbara!!!! And of course my fabulous family, Mom, Dad, Alexis, Chris and ABBY!!!!!

Thank you all so much! I have to go fall on the ground while trying to unclip from my bike now.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Just an update on the gradual destruction of my wardrobe and self concept. Enjoy.
Old Watch: Classic. Tasteful. Timeless.
New Watch: Completely Ridiculous.
I am actually not too upset about this one. I think this watch is awesome, even though I am the only one. I love it! Look how sporty I am!
Old Purse: LV
New Purse??? Canvas Specialized Butt Bag.
This seems to be where my stuff ends up now. Uncool.
Old Shoes: Feathers and 4.5" inch heels
Old Shoes: Gold Sequins
Old Shoes: YSL
I cannot even speak of the horrors. Is that Velcro? Why, yes it is. Are those ventilated panels? Yes, yes they are. Am I planning on falling over repeatedly in them? Absolutely.
At least now I will feel pro when I am STANDING in a bike store. Whoo.


So, apologies for being absent for the last couple of weeks. Regular life has intercepted my cycling life and caused my training to derail a little. Autumn was very very sick and it was raining and I was working more than any person who professionally makes track suits should...anyway, not a lot of bike riding.
However, yesterday Autumn and I accidentally (in that the route went by my house) watched a good part of the LA Marathon and it completely reinvigorated me. I have never watched (or cared) about any sporting events like that really, but there was so much energy and cheering and was very inspiring. I cannot even imagine the sense of accomplishment you would feel from completing something like that...and it shocks me that in less than three months I will have that feeling. Unbelievable. What makes it even better is that we ride for more than just ourselves, but for a cause so much bigger.
All of this came to me just from watching some people run. Amazing.
Something else that came to me? I demand a large and obnoxious sign to be displayed as I ride up San Vicente and into the Closing Ceremonies. Family: get on it.


My Shoes. (on order because of my gigantor-sized feet)
Caitlin's shoes. (are you really that surprised that they match her bike??)

I would like to point out that this weekend marks the first time in all of our lives that I spent MORE money on SHOES than Caitlin. She bought the sensible pair while I bought the semi-expensive ones. Granted, I did not pull a "Caitlin" and buy the most expensive ones in the store ($400), but still, I paid more than she did. Which is seriously amazing since she says that I come from the "land of $60 shoes."
We trekked to Cynergy this weekend in our normal clothes, which included Tory Burch Flats and Kate Spade loafers, while carrying Louis and Kate bags.....pretty sure those are all rare visitors to the cycle shop. However, Cynergy did not disappoint at all and still recognized us despite the lack of spandex and protective head gear (and sweat). They sympathized with my injury and lack of riding. And, most importantly, they held Caitlin up while she clipped in and clipped out. Very similar to waxing on and waxing off.....
If you take a gander at the above pictures you'll notice that the bottoms have weird hole-thingys on them. This is so that you can attach the apparatus which literally HOOKS you to your bike. You become one with the bike and all of that zen crap, but what this also means, is that if you happen to, let's say, forget that you have these awesome shoes on and lean to the right to stop at a light, you'll fall flat on your face in the middle of traffic. Awesome.
We are told, however, that "becoming one with the bike" make pedaling up-hill a much different and easier experience. We are also one step closer to becoming officially official pro-kit-wearing cyclists.
Stay tuned for the blog posts in which we relate to you the various times that we have forgotten about being clipped to our riding apparatus and fell. They are coming.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well folks, my back has really done it this time. I believe my length out of the saddle is up to 3 weeks and counting. The good news is that I can almost stand up straight (almost might be stretching it....currently, my right foot uncontrollably points to 3:00 and I have a "severe left lean"). The other FANTASTIC news is that my new Physical Therapist, Dr. Jeff, is my favorite because (i) he has the NCAA men's tourny streaming all day on Big Screens in the office and (ii) he's an avid road biker -- he just road in the Solvang Century!

As I walked out of PT today he promised that he would get me back on my bike and SOON! Yay for positive thinking and people who understand the need to train for 7 day bike rides.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Continued stint of No Spandex.

So, its Monday and I'm still not in bike riding shape. Having a minor/major problem with my back. Plus, Caitlin, along with other members of Team Cray Cray, were out of town this weekend, so there are no biking adventures to report on. However, there are two upcoming events that those of you in the LA area should take note of. Also, if you're not close enough to attend but would like to donate items for the auction, booze or food, please feel free to contact one of us.


Come to our tubular 80s Prom to benefit Team Cray Cray's and AIDS LifeCylce's ride to end AIDS! Complete with punch, prom pictures, awkward dancing and more, this is just like real prom only better because you don't have to sneak alcohol in! Or pretend to like your date!

A suggested $20 donation will get you in the door, a drink put in your hand, and a warm fuzzy feeling for giving back. Get excited! There are also super legit prizes for the big donors, so bring it!

Please make sure you are dressed in appropriate prom wear. We do not want to have to send you home...for obvious lack of personality and sense of humor.


One night only! Live in concert! Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Please come out and support AIDS/LifeCycle & Team Cray Cray on Sunday March, 28th 2009 at the NoHo Arts Center!

The baddest of the badass, Lady Zep and Allison Chains will be rocking out for the ride!
Music, Cocktails, Raffle!
We have over $5000 in raffle prizes to give away including:

'Spinner Pro'© Spin bike!

Beach Cruiser!

Gift Certificates!


General Admission
$20 Pre-sale
$25 At the door

~Complimentary Cocktails
~1 Free raffle ticket (more can be purchased at the door)

$99 VIP

~Premium cocktails
~Preferred seating
~Dedicated server
~10 free raffle tickets

For TICKETS go to:

All of Team Cray Cray is so appreciative of everyone who supports us, whether that be financially, emotionally or with comic relief. Please join us for an event if you can!.....also, last night I may or may not have stood over my bike, holding the handlebars and dreamed of being back in the saddle......I'm just saying; riding is addicting.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


You may have noticed that I've been absent from the blogging and cycling world for a little over a week now. Well, I got sick. Really really sick. And on top of it, my back decided it hates me and went into such a huge spasm that I haven't stood up straight since Saturday. I've been laying in bed and staring at my bike and feeling pretty terrible. The good news, is that I live in a tiny tiny studio, so eventhough I haven't been able to walk quite right for about a week, my apartment is tiny enough that I can still get around.

So my training is on hold for a bit. On hold until my lungs clear, my fever is gone for more than a week, Caitlin stops threatening to take me to the hospital and my back lets me straighten it out. But never fear and never doubt, this does not mean I'm giving up. It just means that I have the immune system of a new born and my boss is a little stressed. But other than that, I'm sure I'll be just fine and back to blogging about road rage in no time....well, maybe not no time, but sometime this month. Hopefully.


Monday, March 8, 2010


I went to my first spin class this weekend and I LOVED it. Here are some reasons why:
1. I do not have to worry about cars hitting me/old men punching me.
2. I do not have to worry about falling off my bike.
3. There is super loud dance music and disco lights. This was my favorite part. If cycling had this I would really be all about it. It was a hop, skip and a jump away from having hot, shirtless gay men dancing around. Fab.
I hope it stops raining soon so we can go back to actually training outside, but I won't be too sad if we can't.

Friday, March 5, 2010


As Autumn recapped, my sister purchased a bike last weekend so she can train for her tri and also so we can ride together. So, two mornings this week we got out of bed at 5:30 and went riding around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
All this is heart warming and good, but not the point of this post. The point is that this morning we were out and ran into (more than) a little drama. This morning was Alexis' second day on the bike in ten years or so, so understandably she was not super confident about riding in the middle of the street. So I am on the outside and she is closer to the white line and we are single file. SINGLE FILE I SAY. Anyone who knows me knows that I follow rules!! We are riding along and spot an old man that looks like he is waving us out of the way...which is weird because we were not in the way. I assume he had something on his arm he was trying to shake off. However on the second time around, he starts yelling as we approach and then punches...YES, PUNCHES my sister in the arm as she rides past. WTF???? Who does that? The force was great enough that she had to stop abruptly which knocks her chain off. My sister asked the old man if he was 2 because you cannot just go around hitting people and it just escalated from there. He was screaming curse words at her and we threatened to call the police, because THAT IS ASSAULT. Again, can't go around punching people! Cannot. Even if she was fully in the walking lane, which she defiantly was not, it did not call for such aggressive self defense...or any. Anyway, I, being the ultimate sweetheart I am I said some extremely unpleasant things to him about his age and mortality and we rode off. Kind of shook us up for the rest of the ride.
I do have to say two cyclists stopped to ask if we needed help putting the chain back on.
Moral of the story...cyclists:nice. Old walker people:evil.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I would like to start off this post by saying I was sitting at my desk at work today in a dress and I looked down and was startled because I thought that there was some kind of tumor growing on my thigh. After a moment I realized: it is a muscle. Amazing. I am not sure what to make of that.
Anyway, onto more important topics such as "themed" jerseys. Now, as you might have surmised, cycling is not the most fashionable of sports. The majority of cyclists rock jerseys that are logo'd within an inch of their life. In fact, for the first time in my life I actually feel a little less cool for not wearing something with big obnoxious logos all over it. Needless to say, none of these jerseys are "cute." But I feel that some people are crossing the line from serious sponsorship graphics into just foolishness. I get that people have interests and personalities. I do not, however, get why they have to announce those interests to everyone on the road via spandex apparel. I assume they think they look sassy and like individuals. They do not. They look rediculous. Sorry.

Chris, don't kill me. I understand that Star Wars is a vital and important part of our culture. It's not that I don't appreciate that. It's just that if I saw a guy wearing this jersey stranded with a flat tire on the side of the road would not stop to help him in fear of him kidnapping me and holding me against my will while making me wear a Princess Leah outfit in his mom's basement.
Now, I have no interest in making this some anti-patriot rant about not loving America, but come now. This jersey really has it all: racing stripes, airbrush, and a symbol of the USA that looks like its about to rip your face off. Touché, jersey, touché.

If you know me, you know why I have a particular hatred for this garment. WHY would anyone want a cockroach of the sea across their chest, much less one that seems to be making out with a bottle of beer??? I can't even....

Monday, March 1, 2010


I feel like the universe is rejecting my wish to become a pro-kit-wearing cyclist. Between mechanical drama, escalating back problems, bad weather, and water bottle cages spontaneously flying off into the middle of the street, it seems that the sport itself is trying to tell me it is not interested. But fear not. As long as there is shaved ice, fried chicken, cheeseburgers or some such other unhealthy and delicious meal at the end (or in the middle) of the ride, I will persevere. Even if it means getting chain grease all over me and then walking my bike up San Vicente for 20 blocks while NO ONE stops to help me. (Apparently my general unfriendliness spills over into the cycling world.) Basically what I am trying to say is: Suck it universe. I am going to ride 545 miles even if it kills me...or the person that my water bottle hits the next time it comes loose.