Wednesday, June 16, 2010


OK, folks. I am back. It took me a couple days to decompress (and sleep) but now I am back at work, back to life, back in LA, and off of my bike. It's a strange feeling to go back to normal life after such an abnormal experience. It's really strange to think this time last week I was riding a bike on the 101 in some random place I have never heard of, population 42. It almost seems a little like a weird dream, but then I look at my glove tan lines, or my calves, or my photographic evidence and I know it was real. Really, really, real.
So, because you all have been such dedicated blog followers, I feel obligated to give you a comprehensive recap of all 7 (really 8) days of this adventure. As noted in the past, Autumn is much better at this kind of thing than me, but I will do my best.
I will say that it really bothers my OCD self that as I post all 7 days they will show up in reverse order, but that is the nature of the blog and posting them backwards makes my head hurt, so I will just have to deal. Enjoy!

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